Lesbian Gardeners


The garden is a place that welcomes lesbian women of all nationalities, ages, abilities, races, sizes and backgrounds.  Membership is completely free, all we ask is that you love women and have a fascination for plants, gardens, compost and all those other subjects we love to discuss.

This site doesn’t have any pornography stashed away. Not unless you’re really kinky and get off on compost & double digging. So if you arrived here looking for pervy pictures of “lesbians” you’ve come to the wrong place.

Ever tried putting the words ‘lesbian’ and ‘pictures’ into a search engine? Doesn’t turn up much you could show your kids or granny does it? Let’s hope the situation will improve as more women connect to the Internet. Meanwhile, pornographers have polluted cyberspace with their own distorted ideas about how lesbians spend their leisure time to such an extent, that the very word “lesbian” is deemed offensive and inappropriate by most of the blocking and filtering software available to schools and parents.

The Lesbian Gardens Community is intended as a counterweight to the skewed impressions you’ll get viewing other areas of the internet. It has been created for, and dedicated to, all the wonderful lesbians who enjoy gardening. You’d be surprised how many of us there are! I dare say we outnumber the long-nailed fantasy lesbians in the pornographic sites by a sizable margin as soon as you leave cyberspace. Sadly there aren’t any suckers standing in line to hand over their cash in exchange for the chance to view photographs of sexy members, wearing sturdy workboots and other such sensible gardening attire, busily pruning roses or turning compost. Sad really, because a bit of extra cash would be very welcome.


A website for women who love gardens and women. Does it get any better?